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Subject: Personal Hygiene
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: January 10, 2013 at 11:14:30 AM
So I follow a blog on Tumblr called OKCGoldmine where it makes fun of all the silly things people put on their dating profiles. Most of the things are pretty funny and valid but the other day one popped up that didn't seem all that valid to me.

It was lauding this guy because his answers said that he brushes his teeth once a day and showers 'mostly every day but skips some'. And that struck me as weird because the girl who posted it seemed to think that he was literally disgusting.

But washing every day is really bad for your skin and hair and I personally only brush my teeth once a day but they're perfectly white and every time I go to the dentist I'm told my mouth is in good health.

So I was wondering what's your take on people having different hygiene habits than you? Would you be OK with it? Or would it not bother you, and at what point would it bother you?

For me, I wouldn't have a problem if someone showered or shaved or brushed their teeth or whatever more than I did. And I wouldn't even have a problem if they did it less as long as they didn't get to a point where you could clearly tell they weren't taking care of themselves correctly (greasy hair, body odor, clearly un-brushed teeth, etc.). Like to me, everyone has their own personal level at which they get grody and disgusting so I wouldn't hold someone to my expectations for my own personal hygiene. Unless of course they had such poor hygiene that they did smell or had poor teeth or whatever. Some people can goes days without showering and be all fresh and whatnot, other people can barely go half a day.

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