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Subject: found something awesome!
Author: Ora   (Authenticated as Ora)
Date: January 14, 2013 at 5:58:13 PM
So a while back I was chatting with friend about money problems etc and one of them started telling me about this program free my apps, where you test apps and earn points and every so many points you earn prizes, mostly gift cards. I checked it out and it was awful, and my avast refused installation on half of them because of spyware/malware/adware ugh Not worth it for that trouble (lol! I accidentally wrote troublem at first lmao I admit I kinda like it).

Anyway, I did a bunch of googling looking for something similar and safer and easier and found prizerebel. Has anyone else heard of it?? I used for fake name/address/phone number (looks real but isn't, so no worries about stealing identities or anything) and made a new email address and new fake facebook just for it because it creates a LOT of spam... but it's super easy to earn money for gift cards. Of course I run malwarebytes after every time I use it just in case, but so far I've had nothing but good experiences. I've already gotten 2 $10 gift certificates (walmart and googleplay), and am halfway to a $50 amazon gift card :DDD

So I just wanted to share it cause "free" money is always awesome lol

eta: Oh, and if any of you do it, use the fake name generator so you don't get spam/telemarketers/etc and don't download anything!! Also don't bother with the tasks because it's a lot of work for hardly any points. Best bet is surveys. They're safe and give good amounts of points and new ones pop up everyday.

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