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Subject: Cat question
Author: Königin der Nacht   (Authenticated as Koenigin der Nacht)
Date: January 15, 2013 at 3:16:17 PM
So, I know a lot of you have cats, and I had a question about something weird mine has been doing. She's almost 10, and ever since last Wednesday she's been coming in my room around 11:30-midnight (I keep my door closed, so she's not usually in there, and she scratches on my door, not something she normally did before) to knead and purr and snuggle on my bed. She hasn't acted like this since she was a kitten - normally she's really aloof. She never liked being picked up and held past the age of 1, either - after a minute she'd start meowing to be put down. Lately, though, she's more tolerant of being picked up, too, and usually when she comes in my room she stands in the doorway and wants me to carry her in. She's been gradually more OK with being picked up for a while now, so that doesn't really concern me, but I wonder about the late-night visits, which just started out of the blue. She seems fine other than that, but should I be worried about the change in behavior?


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