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Subject: A question
Author: AnastasiaE   (Authenticated as AnastasiaE)
Date: January 17, 2013 at 2:27:18 PM
I was watching Toy Story for the first time in a while, and it got me thinking - are there any films, or scenes of films, which used to disturb you as a young child, even though they didn't mean to? (this might be badly worded - if you need clarification just ask).

Regarding Toy Story, I always used to be really creeped out by that spider baby thing in Sid's room, and also most of those toys in Sid's room. Also, at the scene where Buzz has just arrived and Woody taps on his helmet and says 'Hello?'. I think it was the way he said 'hello' which I alway thought was creepy.

Also, there was this one really unnerving scene in A Bug's Life, the one with one of those light bug zapping things ( - here, at around 0:20). I think it was the way he screamed which always freaked me out.

There was a Pinocchio movie with Martin Landau which my granny showed me when I was about 5. I was afraid to look at the puppet in that. I love that movie now, though (almost obsessively when I was 13).

So, what about you?

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