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Subject: Roommate rant
Author: Norah   (Authenticated as norah_girl)
Date: January 22, 2013 at 5:22:55 PM
I'm in desperate need of a rant about my roommate. He is an idiot of epic proportions. He can't seem to comprehend shutting off lights or power strips or saving electricity in any way. He kept his mini-fridge plugged in for three months (which drew about $35 of electricity a month) with nothing but a bottle of wine inside and wouldn't split the bill accordingly. He's also just a really annoying person...but that doesn't cost me money so I don't care all that much about it.

So one of my best friends is this guy's coworker, only he doesn't know that we're friends. Today he was complaining to her about me and my boyfriend, saying that we're lazy and don't clean up our own messes, and that he had to go on a cleaning frenzy to take care of it. She reported this back to me.

So first of all...we do clean up our own messes. Second of all, if he'd like us to clean something up he needs only to ask us and we'd do it! I don't think it would unreasonable or rude at all for him to tell us if he thinks we haven't tidied properly - that's exactly the sort of thing you have to communicate when you've got roommates. I've never been anything but polite and friendly to him when asking him to remember to turn off lights, and I'd hope he'd do the same to me if I wasn't meeting his roommate standards.

Anyway, this isn't a huge life problem or anything, since it's going to be over soon enough. Our lease ends on June 1st and we've got new roommates lined up, but I just really needed to bitch that out. Will is very much a peacemaker and he doesn't like to hear me complain about it, so it's been building up in my system!

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