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Subject: Re: Embarrassing stories.
Author: Flute   (Authenticated as meganmichele)
Date: February 1, 2013 at 11:14:39 PM
Reply to: Embarrassing stories. by Parfaitcheri
A couple years ago I was interning at my church, and we all went to this big regional conference for all the pastors in our denomination. Since we (obviously) weren't pastors, we were there serving.

Well, the dress code for us was all black, and at the time the only nice black shoes I had were heels. One of the nights we were there, we were sitting in on the general chapel service, all the way in the back of a fairly large auditorium so that they could pull us out discreetly if they needed us to do something. We were in there during worship, and it was going on a bit long and since I was in heels my feet were starting to hurt. (They weren't stilettos or anything - just kitten heels - but I almost never wear heels so I wasn't used to it.) So I took them off.

After worship we all sat down and this guy gets up and starts talking about how his daughter had been on a hike and fallen off a cliff. (She survived but was in a coma for a while or something like that.) So it's a pretty serious topic and everyone was appropriately solemn. In the middle of this, for some reason, I decided I want to put my shoes back on, so I leaned forward. Unfortunately, I misjudged how close I was to the pew in front of me and kind of hit my head on it. Not hard. It didn't hurt. I just kind of stopped and was like, "Oh, well that was a little awkward, hope no one saw that."

And then next to me I see one of the guy interns SHAKING with laughter. Face in his hands, trying to be absolutely silent because this guy is talking about how his daughter almost DIED and here he is cracking up. And so of course seeing him laughing sets ME off. And when he notices I'm laughing he just laughs harder. And then the girl intern on the other side of me starts up too. So the three of us are sitting there, tears running down our faces, trying not to make a peep.

Eventually we get ourselves under control - deep breaths and all - and we turn our attention back to what's going on. But then I make the mistake of looking back over at the guy intern, and he catches my eye and can't help but crack a smile, and I SNORT. Loud. And that sets the three of us off again. And this guy in front of us just turns and gives us this LOOK. Like probably the dirtiest look he's ever mustered in his life. And he GETS UP AND WALKS OUT.

We just lost it. That was it. That was the final straw. I felt so awful but oh God, it was so funny. We recounted the story a ton throughout the weekend, and pretty much for the rest of the year too.

For a slightly less-funny and more-humiliating story, freshman year I had a crush on this guy I was sort of frienemies with and I stuck a note in his locker telling him I liked him. It was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done. We barely spoke the rest of the school year.

And then once we finally did start talking again he'd randomly bring it up in conversations. But we wouldn't actually discuss it. It would just kind of hang there like this awkward thing until someone changed the subject. This went on until like last year (as it would happen, he's actually one of the few people I stayed in contact with after high school and we're pretty good friends now, like we hang out and stuff); he hasn't brought it up since my ex and I broke up, thankfully. Probably because that would just be a whole extra level of awkward to deal with now.

But God, every time I think of that note I kind of want to curl up and die. I was 14. It was so bad.

girl, i'm no coffee shop poet at all
i wrote you that note on a napkin, you still haven't called
so pack up your bags and i'll grab the keys
come run away with me

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