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Welcome to Behind the Name's lounge! This board is for off-topic conversation. If you have a question about names, please go to one of the other message boards.

Top-level messages are arranged in the order they are posted with replies appearing below the original message. Messages that are less than 1 hour old have bright red dates. The colour of the date fades to black as the message ages.

To post a top-level message, click the icon at the top of the page. Fill out your name, the subject of your message, and the text of your message. Click the checkbox if you want to automatically create links from capitalized names in your message text to names in this site's database.

To post a reply, view the message you want to reply to by clicking on it. At the bottom of the page there is a form - fill it out as described in the above paragraph. (If the message is archived there will be no form - you cannot reply to archived messages)

Logging in is optional for most users. However some domains are restricted (notably AOL), meaning you need to sign up for a user account before you can post. Signing up is easy - all you need to do is fill in your desired username and give a valid email address.

Editing messages is only available to those who have logged in. To edit your message, view it and then click the "edit this message" link.

HTML Allowed on this board:

  • type: <B>bold</B> to get bold
  • type: <I>italics</I> to get italics
  • type: <HR> to get a horizontal line
  • type: <IMG SRC=""> to insert an image (only registered users)
  • type: <FONT>some text</FONT> to modify the look of your text
    • example: <FONT style="color:green; font-size:larger">large and green</FONT> gives large and green
    • shortcut 1: <COLOR red>red for example</COLOR> gives red for example
    • shortcut 2: <SIZE smaller>small for example</SIZE> gives small for example
  • hyperlinks: text of the form,, or will be automatically turned into a hyperlink when posted
  • for those familiar with HTML, <CENTER> <MARQUEE> <UL> <OL> <LI> and <PRE> tags are also available
If you haven't used HTML before, please try it out on the test message board before using it elsewhere!


1. Hateful, malicious or harassing messages and spam are not allowed. New users that start inflammatory topics will be regarded as trolls.

    1b. Limit yourself to creating no more than 5 new threads per day per board (however you can respond to as many threads as you want).

2. Post under only one name.

3. Try to keep debates civil. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

4. Try to make your messages legible. Minimize the netspeak.

5. If you feel someone is breaking the rules, contact this site's administrators. Don't give trolls the attention they crave.


The following users kindly help administer this board: LindsSans, mirfak, Randee15 and Tara C

Since August 6, 2004 there have been...

  • 562,772 messages posted
  • an average of 130.6 messages posted per day
  • 531,652 responses in 31,120 threads
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the abbreviations found in messages stand for?

  • NT stands for No Text. It means that the message is entirely within the subject line, and there is no point in reading the body of the message.
  • FN, LN and NN stand for first name, last name and nickname.
  • Other abbreviations you might see on the message boards are WDYT (what do you think?), NMS (not my style), CAF (create a family), DH/DW/DS/etc (dear husband, dear wife, dear son, etc) and BtN (Behind the Name, the title of this website).

For other frequently asked questions about names and this site, please see the general FAQ.