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My first name is Sunshine and I would never want to change it. My youngest daughter's father also named her Sunshine. My daughter goes by Sunny or Sunny Rae as Rae is her middle name. I usually am called Shine or Sun, but my family has always called me Shine.
My biological mother has passed on and my name was very important to her. I am more than happy to be named Sunshine. It's not annoying or silly. It's special and I feel like my mother gave me a very special gift naming me Sunshine. My daughter loves her name. She says that it makes her feel loved and special. Uncommon names are wonderful, in a world full of Jennifers and Ashleys, we get to be unique. We are rarely forgotten.
― Anonymous User  4/5/2018
This was fun to read! Being named Sunshine is a gift. Kids will make fun of any name, so, ya, that happens, but once you own it, it really is a beautiful name. I went by Sunnie in high school, and my closest peeps call me Shine. I love the comments from the other Sunshines here! I guess people react the same to this name no matter where you are! When people ask me if it's my real name one of my favorite responses is... Only clowns and strippers make that name up.
I was born in 76 when that John Denver song was popular. I'm curious why/how other Sunshines got their names.
Sh1ne  3/20/2018
My real name is Sunshine and at first I hated it. In high school, kids would always stare when my name got called or when I introduced myself. Now as a adult in my early 20's, I love it. There are times where I still get stares but I just ignore it. The annoying part is always getting asked if that is my government name, or if I'm always happy. Other than that, my name is perfect for me. I don't ever think about changing it or going by my middle name, which is Renee.
lovely_sunshine  2/11/2018
My name is Sunshine. People call me Sun, Suns, Sunny, Shine, Sunny Bunny and the list goes on! Haha. I love it now as an adult but I hated it growing up, yes kids are cruel, but it gave me tough skin and although I do live up to my name, I’m a bad ass too. JUST LIKE THE SUN IS. It will burn ya! Lol that’s for all the haters on here probably named Jennifer and Steve.
People usually have these responses to my name being Sunshine:
-Were your parents hippies?
-I want your real name, not your stage name
-Let me see your ID
-OMG I love your name!
Shout out to all the LOVERS who are open to unique and different names and embrace individuality.
Sunnyshine  2/3/2018
Hello, my actual name is Sunshine Rose. Why my parents named me that I have no idea. Trying to grow up with it was excruciating, now that I'm all grown up everyone says "Wow, that's a beautiful name" but if I could have it my way I would literally change it.
jazzybell  1/19/2018
My name is Sunshine Day and some friends call me Sunny but I have never had a problem growing up as a child and I have had so many jobs come to me because of the person I am. I have never been turned down for an interview, everyone I meet loves my name because it is unusual and different, my brothers and sisters were worried when my father named me, in case I got bullied but I had so many friends and never got bullied once! I would prefer to be called Sunshine instead of something boring and the same as everyone else, if anything the name has helped me.
Sunshine-day-2  11/21/2017
Well this will certainly floor most of you, my name is actually Summer Sunshine, and as a child my family and friends called me Sunshine but by the time I went into eighth grade I had changed it and started going by Summer. Now that I'm forty I hate the name. And everywhere I go where they need to see my ID I always get unwanted attention.
summersunshine  7/3/2017
My actual name is Sunshine, and I absolutely love my name and have never been made fun of. There is nothing wrong with a more unique/exotic name, it just makes you more special and unique as a person. I wouldn't change my name for the world. I get complimented all the time about my name. When my mom was picking out names for me she had my cousin, whose name was Summer, help her out with what to name me, and they thought of Sunshine. And later on, back in first grade, I met my best friend who ended up being my best friend for years and years, and her name was Skyy. Names are beautiful how they are, never be ashamed of your name, that's why I love this website- it will tell you all kinds of cool and unique stuff about your name that you probably never even knew!
Sunshine_gurl1717  12/21/2016
The name Sunshine was given to 57 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/30/2016
I actually can't imagine this on a child, but that's probably because the only "Sunshine" I have seen was 55.
Jghazt333  1/29/2016
My name is Sunshine. My mom named me after the John Denver song, "Sunshine on my Shoulders." I was born in the late 70s and no, my parents weren't hippies. I love my name and only closed minded individuals have issues with my name. My family calls me Sunny for short, but I go by Sunshine. I feel lucky to have this name. I really think that it is pathetic that some people here have such terrible things to say about it. Yes it is a name that gets attention, but it really isn't "horrible" or "awful" as some comments say. My middle name is Faye and I was made fun of for that because I live on the border with Mexico and the word "fea" means ugly and it sounds like "Faye". I was more self-conscious of my middle name than my first.
sunshinecastro  12/24/2015
Sunshine, it's bright and beautiful. Just thinking about it gives me a warm feeling. Definitely one of the top contenders for my daughter. Sunshine as a name just exudes happiness and uniqueness. Sunshine definitely isn't a background character, she's center stage. I can understand why everyone assumes some kind of hippy parents, but I think they're reading too much into the name and not enough into the person. Overall, Sunshine is a near perfect name for a little bundle of joy, and she can go by Sunny later in life if she doesn't share your taste in names. Why have your child be one of twelve Sophie's in town when she could be the only Sunshine?
― Anonymous User  11/28/2015
This is my name, only spelt Sunshyne. What a lot if negativity and judgement over a name, it's people like you that have made having such a name absolute hell. Even in my 30's people have to ask, is that your real name? Was your mum a hippie? You're not serious? Really? Who would joke about it?
My mum named me after a song that she loved while pregnant called Little Ray of Sunshine... and I guess being born with golden hair and the love she had for me only cemented her choice. I may have not liked my name growing up, especially in Australia, but as a woman I've embraced it... no one ever forgets me or has to ask... what was your name again?
Sunni38  11/21/2015
I knew one lady with this name. She worked for Wal-Mart. She was blonde but was very quiet. Everyone thinks her name is weird, but I think it's different. I just wouldn't want it, or to name my child this.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2015
My name is Sunshine. I love my name and have never considered going by any other name or nickname. I was not made fun of in school due to my name. The only thing bad about it is that people expect you to be happy all the time.
sbilyeu75  8/22/2015
This isn't really much of a famous bearer, but in the movie Harold and Maude one of Harold's potential girlfriends (as introduced to him through his overbearing mother) was a budding actress called Sunshine Doré - or, at least that was her in-universe stage name. Because of this, I can't really take this name seriously.
By the way, she was played by Ellen Geer. :)
AnastasiaE  12/3/2013
There is a new girl to my high school with this name. When the teacher came around for "roll call" I heard a group of boys snickering about her name. I almost wanted to yell at them! Maybe the name isn't the most original on the planet, but really!? People can be so cruel!
Gio123  9/11/2013
The name Sunshine was given to 68 poor little girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
Sunny is a cute nick name! Sunshine is really weird.
SEC908  12/18/2012
My name is Sunshine. I love it now, but when I was young it was hard to live with. The only thing I hate is that I have to go around saying, "Yes this is my real name and no, my parents weren't hippies."

I am a high school teacher and it is a good ice breaker on the first day of school to write my full name out on the board. I love it and never would change it, my parents often call me Sunny, but I prefer to be called by the Sunshine.
mendezsunshine  5/13/2012
I am in the process of legally changing my name. I spent a long time researching names and seeing what felt right. I've spent 25 years with a very common girl's name (Lindsay) that has to be spelled out to people, and always double checking that people mean me when they call out my name (there are always so many other Lindsay's in classes or waiting rooms, ugh). I wanted a unique name, and something that spoke of who I am as a person, and something that resonated with my spirit.

Sunshine is definitely that. I plan on legally changing my first name to Sunshine, and then going by Sunny for short.

I think it's cute, gives an immediate impression of who I am (yes, a bit of a hippy and quite proud), and just might give someone a smile when they come across the name.

I DO have a very sunny personality. ;)
SunnyDayle  1/14/2012
I feel like this is more of a nickname or something you call someone when you're sweet-talking them, not an actual name.
Shannonanon  6/9/2011
This name just screams hippie.
Chrila96  9/26/2010
I know some people loathe this name, but I think it would be a nice full name for someone called Sunny.
SunnyHoney  4/29/2010
Sunshine Anderson (born 1974), an American R&B singer.
CarolinW  3/18/2010
LOL, wow, I never realized how many people felt so negatively of my name! My middle name is Sunshine, but it's what I've always chosen to go by. It's what I identify best with and it's always been extremely well received. Everyone I've always met always seems to LOVE it and they follow it up with the same comment very often, "And you really ARE a Sunshine too!" I suppose they're referring to my usual Sunshiney disposition. :) They sing the "Sunshine" songs and they ask questions. But I don't mind at all, I know I would too if I met someone with an unusual name. For those of you out there that think so negatively of it, take it from me, it's a delight! I love it and I think it's beautiful and unique. Just like me! :)
1shiner1  12/18/2009
This is one of the most ridiculous names I've ever heard of.
-Julia-  8/18/2009
This is such a horrible name. I feel sorry for anyone who has it.
number1212  6/24/2009
You have got to be kidding me. This sounds stupid as a name. What if "Sunshine" doesn't have a sunny personality?
bananarama  6/24/2009
Sunshine Quolye is a character in the novel "The Shipping News".
Kerules  4/20/2009
I will forever associate this "name" with the prostitute Sunshine on the Eddie Murphy & Richard Pryor movie "Harlem Nights."
erb816  3/2/2009
Ahh, man! I saw this and couldn't believe it. It's a bright, cheerful nickname, but not as a first name. Just imagine; a baby girl being named this and she turns goth; that would be ironic. On happier note; my friend calls me this sometimes, he's so sweet!
_0TophasNails_1  2/18/2009
I suppose this name is cute to some people (to each there own), but honestly, it only works if your kid is a kind, excited, sunshineish person. I know a Sunshine (firstname), and she is mean. She's gothic (oh, the irony!) and an overall not happy person. But, honestly, you can't tell what your kid'll turn out like so don't give them a name they won't like.
― Anonymous User  1/10/2009
Sunshine is a book by Robin McKinley. The heroine of the book is named Raven, and her nickname became Rae, which then became Sunshine. I love this book, and I think this is a beautiful name! What's wrong with Hippie names? They're better than ugly, overused names like Emily or Sarah. You could go by Sun or Sunny, or just plain Sunshine! It's lovely!
harry_sent_me  10/1/2008
I live in a Hippie town, where almost all of the kids have Hippie/Nature names, and I have a friend named Shannon Caroline Raya Sunshine, which I just think is hilarious! "Raya Sunshine"."Ray of Sunshine". Makes me laugh every time! I love the name Sunshine, it's just so beautiful and natural and loving!
harry_sent_me  10/1/2008
My grandmothers name is Sunshine, and although people hear it and automatically think hippie, they find that even though that's exactly what she is she is also very well respected. She didn't originally have the name she changed when she became 18, so I guess she felt she could pull it off. I'm sure other people might be able to also.
Fluffy_Thewerewolf.  7/23/2008
Well, it's better than Moonshine, bwahahahahaah! But that's not saying much. The name is very much a hippie name, and it's too cutesy for a grown-up who wants be be successful in some ther way than in showbiz. What if Sunshine turns out all grumpy and hostile? And how easy would it be to be taken seriously with this name, at any stage?
slight night shiver  5/8/2008
Hello! The '60s are OVER! & Guess what- these words are objects. NOT names!
SingingDove114  3/20/2008
Imagine if you named your child Sunshine and they turned out to be manic depressive?
Cymry  12/1/2007
I like this as a nickname for a happy kid, then his parents could sing that song "you are my Sunshine" to him. But as a real name. No.
renee06  8/28/2007
What an awful name! If you name your child Sunshine they will not make it through school. Imagine if you named your kid Sunshine and they are in High School. They will be made fun of in High School. Lets say you are 60-years-old with the name Sunshine. That would be crazy. Please your child will be thankful you didn't name him/her Sunshine. Name your pet that or you can give it to your kid as a nickname.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2007
I quite like this, a good nickname would be Sunny or Shine.
mum2bubba  6/27/2007
Sunshine is my first name, and it is a really, really awful name to have as a child. As soon as I was old enough to choose, I started going by my middle name.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2007
This is kinda creepy name, since it always remands me of that song, you know:
"You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are grey
You'll never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my Sunshine away"
Yippal  4/8/2007
It's so cute - I'd use it as a middle name.
Jasmine  3/18/2007
In Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Night Embrace" the heroine, Sunshine Runningwolf, is an artist who is part Native American and very forgetful.
Missy  2/23/2007
Save this name for the Hippies.
Taydbug112  12/19/2006
Sunshine was the nickname of the main character, Homer Wells, in John Irving's novel "The Cider House Rules".

In my opinion, it is a cute nickname but would be an embarassing first name.
visitor27  3/14/2006
Sunshine was the nickname given to a certain football player in Remember the Titans.
― Anonymous User  3/8/2006
It's a cute nickname for a little girl, but not for a real name, that would be very annoying.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2006
I think it makes a good middle name, maybe for Bethany?
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005
I think it's a nice name. I probably wouldn't personally use it though, even though I'm kinda a hippy (of sorts). It was classic, just opening up the popularity graph and just seeing the 70's. Sigh.
ezy_lou  12/10/2005
I don't see anything wrong with naming your child after an element of nature. At least your child will have an original name.
― Anonymous User  11/20/2005
What a beautiful name ... for a horse. Honestly though, it'd be like naming someone 'Apple', there's really no sense in it.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2005
Well, I knew someone named Apple. Really weird names like Sunshine and Apple and Heart are fairly common for Filipino children. I never really understood it myself.
Belus  1/4/2007

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