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Member since   January 27, 2004
Real name Hannah Hart
Location Needham, MA, US
Hi, I'm Hannah. I've been on BtN for over a year- it's so much fun here! These are my loving PP are:
10 Exclamation Marks: Lila (twin), Freddy (twin), Annie, Myra, Peter, Benny, Gwyneth, Quinn (m), Lulu, and RooRoo.
16 Question Marks: Esther, May, Joanna, Rosie, Leo, Marcus, Noah (m), Willie, Josie, Leah, Milo, Jack, Jerry, Kate, Carrie, and Eddie
4 Tildes: Lee, Rae, Chase, and Patrick
2 Slashes: Nadia and Shannon (named for Nadia Comaneci and Shannon Miller, my two favorite gymnasts)
My top combos are:
Eleanor Jasmine "Norah"
April Annabella
Maya Rosa / Maya Rose

Samuel Jude "Sam"
Tobias Jerome "Toby"
Lucas Henry / Lucas Frederick