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Member since   February 26, 2006
Real name Lillian AM Sands
Location Texas
Birthday April 30, 1968
I am a wife, a mother, a nurse, a humanist, a Democrat, a shoe queen, a diarist, and sometime comedienne with a very tiny audience. I can be a fast and loyal friend. I'm a quick study. I sometimes have a quick temper, but I get over it just as quickly. I like standing out in a crowd, and I have a bit of a potty mouth. ;p

My children are: David Alexander (Alex); Lillian Scarlett Mahalia (Scarlett); Sophia Ophelia Seraphina (Sophie); and Gideon Brody (Gideon).

Some personal faves NOT in the BtN database: Allyriane, Archer, Blackbird, Butterfly, Celestielle, Dashing, Elessar, Elisabella, Hawking, Houston, Katrienne, Lilibelle, Mojave, Nightingale, Quintana, Rand, Ridge, Saber, Sahara, Saraia, Semiramis, Xandria, Ysanne.