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This site is absurd. I'm so sorry that every time someone submits an interesting name to the database that your intestines boil up and you have to fart everywhere. That must be really unpleasant for the people in your life who have to deal with all of that farting. I hope God and Jesus can mend your problems and the cleaning lady doesnt judge the brown stained underpants. If you sense her judging you about them, perhaps you can explain that people submit names like Firefly and Hexandra and Rainlily to the database and that makes you want to fart. I'm sure she'd be understanding, because that's a pretty serious problem. How dare people do that? Anyway, fortunately this is only a small part of your dreary life, and once you have deleted such entries you can go back to the grayish green, foul monotony without it being interrupted by anything interesting ever happening. Eventually you'll all go extinct, and won't that be nice?