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Member since   March 16, 2008
Real name Lauren Haley Carmony
Location In Edenia!
Hello there everyone.
Here are my mortal kombat OCs:
Fujiko Iida (Sister of Ashrah)
Satsuki Nannette Arminstone (wife of Jack Rodsmith)
Ficitional Children:
Bijou Hayden, age 7
Jason Percival, age 10
Ming-Mei Asherah and Essence Salena, age 12
Jericho Darien, age 13
Kichirou Randall, age 15
Likes: Mortal Kombat, japanese names, Chinese names, the name Jason, The name Essence, me, video games, and other stuff.
Dislikes: Rude people, criticism, flamers, school, math, homework, people who I love that pass away, and others.