Profile for xEMMUREx

Member since   December 30, 2008
Real name Chelsea
Location Michigan
Birthday October 7, 1990
My name is Chelsea
I'm an only child
I have curly red hair
And blue/green eyes
I take pictures, lots of them
I'm a goofball
I play video games
I have 2 adorable dogs
My middle name is Marie
I've broken 3 bones
I'm spontaneous
I love wearing my studded belt
and my mismatched converse shoes
I'm a big dork
I listen to a wide variety of music
I'm a passionate person
I trip over my own feet
I love making funny voices
I love cooking and cleaning
My nickname is freckles
I love mint chocolate chip ice cream
I get the giggles...a lot :]
I'm a procrastinator
I'm outgoing
And shy
I love to meet new people
So message me if ya want :]

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