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Means "The Highest, Most Exhalted One".
missaaliyah  5/13/2005
Of Hebrew origin (meaning 'exalted').
― Anonymous User  1/22/2008
Aaliyah meaning "most highest or most exalted".
jaybee  2/11/2008
It's Hebrew and its meaning is "ascend". It is also used by Jews in the diaspora to refer to someone who has moved to Israel, "to make Aaliyah".
conquest  2/23/2008
Highest, Most Exalted, The Best in both Arabic and Hebrew.
antione_214  2/24/2008
Means "Most exalted one". Cool name.
Kennedy9003  5/24/2014
The meaning of the name aliyah is a high place or something high.
lovely lolo  8/6/2014
I guess this is where my parents got the inspiration for my twin sister's and my name, though I'm not sure why she eventually went with "Aliya" rather than the true Arabic/Hebrew one : "Aaliyah".

I assume it's still not that common here in the UK, as some of my lecturers have told me that I've got a pretty name.
aliyafathma  12/7/2016

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