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While the Hebrew origins/meaning/gender/pronunciation is true, there's another Adalia that's seperate from the Hebrew name. Adalia, pronounced Uh-DAHL-yuh, is a female German name meaning "noble one".
forbia  9/18/2006
It's a biblically masculine name, just like how Elijah, Isaiah, Hezekiah, Jebediah and Josiah are masculine. Like: Ad-a-lie'-ya. I like it. It would also be pretty for a girl pronounced Ad-a'-lee-a.
meowelers  7/25/2008
Well, personally as a Christian, I would first look at the Bible. Yes, I agree that Adalia is a masculine term. I received a book just yesterday, it's called the "ZONDERVAN NIV NAVE'S TOPICAL BIBLE". This book helps Christians to understand the Bible much better and I referred to this name, he's a son of Haman. Of course, I have no intention to offend any non-believer or pre-believer here at BehindTheName. But, I would still look at what has been considered, a German feminine term for the name "Adalia".
FirstAidLuver  9/6/2013

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