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This name has two spelling variants in Hebrew: one, masculine, from a proper name in the Hebrew Bible, and one, feminine, based on a Hebrew adjective (which also in found in the Hebrew Bible).

The masculine Adina is spelled in Hebrew as עדינא, and is the name of a soldier found in 1 Chronicles 11:42. The spelling (with the final aleph) suggests an Aramaic, rather than a Hebrew, origin.

The feminine name in Hebrew is spelled עדינה. This Adina means "noble," "delicate," or "refined." It is a modern Hebrew name, but the word itself can be found in Isaiah 47:8.

Today, the masculine Adina is unknown as a name, but the feminine Adina is a popular name, both in Israel and in Jewish communities worldwide. [noted -ed]
philapple  2/5/2012
My name is Adina, and I'm a Romanian girl. No connection with Hebrews, but I know its origins are biblical.
Adi is a boy's name over here, but it's usually a short form from Adrian, which is Latin (Adrianus or Hadrianus.)

African Meaning: She has saved

Somebody wrote that Adina was Ariel's sister, but her spelling was Attina.

It's also a song by punk band Rancid.

On a personal touch, I hated my name until I was 14 years old, because it was uncommon and people laughed at me for not having a usual, traditional name. Now I find it lovely, and strong because of the letter "D".
Adina P  2/11/2016

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