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This name is actually not nearly as stigmatized as Adolf. Adolph Rupp (famous to fans of University of Kentucky basketball, Rupp Arena is named for him) and Adolph Coors (beer brewers) are two very famous examples, both Americans who apparently lived without being accused of being Nazis.
JasonR  2/11/2007
I wonder who ruined this name for a good century or two? Three guesses.
― Anonymous User  10/26/2009
Harpo Marx's original first name was Adolph. He changed it to Arthur, but long before Hitler came along.
Kosta  11/9/2009
Adolph Green, American lyricist and playwright.
Kosta  11/9/2009
Bolshevik politician Adolph Joffe was a famous bearer of this name.
chickpeagreen  12/22/2009
I also wanted to provide some biographical information about some of the notable and successful bearers of the name who have been mentioned in this thread. Most important, you will note that they were all born before Hitler started to take power in 1933.

Adolph H.J. Coors, Sr. Was born in 1847, about 85 years before Hitler became chancellor of Germany. He founded the Coors brewing company. Tragically, he jumped to his death from a hotel window in 1929. His children continued to run the business after his death.

Adolph Coors, Jr. Was the second President of Coors Brewing Company. He was also born in 1884 and was almost 50 years old when Hitler came to power. It would be safe to say that he was already a successful business man from a prominent family before the world knew of Hitler. He died at the ripe of old age of 86 in 1970 (of natural causes).

Adolph Coors, III was born in 1915, about 18 years before the rise of Hitler. He was kidnapped and murdered in 1960 (at the age of 44).

Adolph Green was born in 1914, about 19 years before the rise of Hitler. He had a tremendously successful career, and he also had two children. Not surprisingly, neither of them are named Adolph (not surprising because it is very uncommon in Judaism to name a child after someone who is living but also not surprising because very few people have chosen the name since the rise of Hitler).

Adolph Joffe was born in 1883, about 50 years before the rise of Hitler. He led a remarkable life, leading the communist revolution in Russia, though committed suicide shortly after turning 40. He had grown very ill after becoming a persona non grata to the leaders, and was denied permission to go abroad for medical care.
Adolph  9/3/2014

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