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In Gaelic it means 'a dream'.
poetic_freedom  2/9/2006
Aislinn is a beautiful old Irish name everyone seems to think it comes from the name aisling but this is not true. Aisling is a newer version of name Aislinn it is pronounced as ash-lynn not ashling or ashleen.
tricia  5/16/2008
Sorry to burst your bubble, but "Aislinn" doesn't mean anything in Irish, old or modern. "Aislinn" IS a just a corruption of the word, and later, name, Aisling which means "vision" or "fantasy", not just an ordinary dream. And the pronunciations ASH-ling and ASH-leen, as opposed to just ASH-lin, arose because of differences in the pronunciation of Irish across the four provinces. Neither one is more correct than the other. I have done some research, and the oldest form of the the word "aisling" I can find is "aislinge" (middle Irish). "Aislinn" is definitely modern invention/mutation, not an older spelling of aisling. I would seriously question your proficiency in the Irish language.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2009
I have always been told that Aislinn means "back with us". In Irish ar ais linn means back with us - it's also a popular name for rehab centres for that reason.

It's the reason my mom named me Aislinn instead of Aisling anyway

And is pronounced ash-lynn based on that.
onkybonx  6/9/2016
My name is Aislinn. It means "vision" or "daydream". It is pronounced Aze-lynn and Azy for short. Mom got it from a book, Wolf and Dove, by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I did some research on the history of the name way back, and had it confirmed by Melissa Marr from her own research, during an ARC meeting of Wicked Lovely. It's from an Irish poem/ballad from the 17th century; it's told through the POV of a lover who has had his true love spirited away by the fae king who makes her his bride. Love this tale. Kinda like the Persephone/Hades storyline. Tons of retellings.
azyisacrazydaisy  7/16/2016

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