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The name "Alana" originally is of the Irish origin and means "beautiful", "peaceful", and "serene".
― Anonymous User  3/22/2005
Alana is an Irish/Celtic name, which means "fair maiden" or "beautiful maiden". (it's my name so I've researched it's meaning).
minxette  6/1/2005
Whilst this name does have Irish origins, meaning 'attractive/peaceful', it is also a French variation of Helen, from the Hebrew, meaning 'tree' and also of Hawaiian origin, meaning 'offering' (feminine form of Alan).
― Anonymous User  1/22/2008
Alana comes from the Irish A leanbh or A leanna which is how you call a child to you.
osullin  2/19/2008
Please, stop saying Alana is an Irish name. And it burns my eyes every time I see the word "Gaelic" used to refer to the Irish language - in Ireland, we play Gaelic! Gaelic means Gaelic football, not Irish language. The proper Irish word for our language is Gaeilge, by the way.
Well, yes, usage of this name in Ireland has been inspired by "álainn" which means "beautiful" in Irish. However, that still doesn't make it an Irish name. Alana is simply an ENGLISH feminine form of a Alan, a Breton name, and its real meaning doesn't go beyond the meaning of Alan - "little rock" or "handsome".
― Anonymous User  5/2/2009
I've never heard of the English name Alana. The Irish name, usually spelled 'Alannah', does not come from Alan or álainn, but from the common term of endearment 'a leanbh'. This literally means 'my baby' but is used to mean 'my dear' or 'my darling', usually to a younger person. It is pronounced 'a lan-uv' in some parts of Ireland, but in Ulster is pronounced (approximately) 'a lan-u' - which was shortened and probably anglicized to alannah. Many people still use it as an endearment, as in "don't worry, a leanbh (alannah), it will be alright". It's a bit like 'Macushla' - mo chúisle; Irish emigrants brought it overseas, and people liked the sound and meaning of it.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2009
My parents were Irish and dad often called both my mum and us children, Alana. We always understood it to be a term of endearment - 'my darling'.
Eliza  7/28/2011
Also derived from Gaelic words ó leanbh "oh child" and álainn "beautiful".
Samantha Carter  7/17/2014

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