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I really like this name. This is my name and it is pronounced A-lann-a with the A really forward, sort of like A-pple the way you say the a there.
I like to go by the nickname Lani which is a Hawaiian name. People also like to call me Lana.
Alanna H  7/21/2016
Alanna is my name and I am realizing it has some pros and cons. I pronounce my name Uh-lawn-uh and I've had so many people read my name uh-lay-nuh and I honesty have no clue why. If you look at it, it's spelt exactly how it's said... al-anna. I also have people spell my names all sorts of ways, the most popular one being "Alana" and I have to correct people ALL the time. On the other hand, people always tell me I have a beautiful name and I've grown to like it as well. But please, parents, if you're looking at this name for your baby girl, do her a favor and spell it "Alana." it will make her life so much easier.
al84  9/23/2015
My name is Alanna. Its pronounced "Uh-Lan-Uh".
― Anonymous User  11/21/2014
My name is Alanna, and I've always pronounced it Ah(Uh)-Lay-Nuh. This gives me a lot of trouble, but my mother named me and pronounced it that way, so that is what I will keep it. Though, it has been tempting to add an "I" or some such to make others pronounce it correctly. I love my name, and I know very few others that have it. I must say, all other Alanna/Elena's I DO know have their middle name as Lynn. It flows very well.
alannalynn  10/2/2010

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