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Pronounced Ah-Lay-Duh.
Drea418  3/9/2011
The pronunciation key for this name is wrong. The emphasis in Aleida should be on the second syllable; ah-LIE-dah. [noted -ed]
renee06  11/17/2013
Used this name for one of my characters who was Dutch. The name is so beautiful. But I pronounce it as Ah-lee-duh.
Lee instead of lie.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/5/2014
― Anonymous User  5/21/2015
My middlen ame is Aleida, which I got from my mother's Dutch grandmother. I have 2 Dutch grandparents, who both pronounce it ah-LAY-duh. Although we live in Sweden, I actually hear it as a-LEY-da. All depends on your own country's language. But the Dutch people I know are very thorough on the LAY part.
Lex  10/2/2015
This name has some use in the United States, but it's usually pronounced the same way as Alida (uh-LEE-duh). The same thing tends to happen with Freida / Frida.
erb816  4/20/2017

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