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It's pronounced "a LEE thee a" - that's the way I pronounce it, anyway, and everyone else I've ever heard of that has it as a name pronounces it. Also have known a few Greek speakers and that is the way they pronounce it as well. [noted -ed]
alethea522  2/20/2006
The name is actually pronounced "a-LEE-the-a".
alethea.marie  11/8/2006
The only person I've ever met with this name pronounced it "a-LEE-tha", with the second e in Alethea being silent. I think it is very pretty, and love the meaning. However, the al-e-THEE-a pronunciation reminds me of Alicia with a lisp. It's still pretty, though.
menno_girl  3/7/2007
Like the commenters above, the only Alethea I know pronounces her name "a-LEE-thee-a".
Jenna R  4/27/2007
My name is Aletheia. And I say it UH-lay-thay-uh.
ChangMai  3/9/2008
In ancient Greek, the second syllable of this word is the stressed one. So, the most correct pronunciation is a-LEE-thee-a.
Marie-Amelie  4/25/2008
I have always been known as Thea and was only ever called Alethea when naughty. However, when I started work at my current place of employment for some reason, despite me saying I prefer to be called Thea, almost everyone calls me Alethea. Or at least they try to. A couple get it right, but I still after 2 years regularly get Al-a-thea, Ale-thea, Al-thea, Al-ee-tha even Anthea, even though my work email has my proper name attached to it and I always sign as Thea.
I never really though about how I say my name until all this business but I guess I pronounce it Uh-LEE-thee-ah or A-LEE-thee-a.
Alethea1981  4/29/2008
I too have had difficulty with people saying my name strangely, as a server I shortened it to Ali, tired of having 5 min conversations re: my name. My family still call my "Aleetheea". I like my full name and like the meaning of it, only hope that I can live up to it. Have a great day.
aletheajjohnson  7/11/2014
We named our daughter, now 3 months old, Alethea. We use the less common pronunciation (but the first we heard) uh-LAY-thee-uh. We love it, and hope that she will speak truth in love.
theresearcher  8/31/2017

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