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I know many Alexandras, Alexandrias, and Allisons that use this as a nickname, to sound similar to Ally.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2006
It is also of African origin. Used in West, Central and South Africa as a female name pronounced A-LEE.
lili  2/1/2009
The name actually originates in Ethiopia. In Amharic it means noble, sublime, elevated, exalted. It then reached the middle east and other countries later on.
― Anonymous User  10/14/2009
Muurs were & are the original title bearers of this great name Ali dating back well before any natives or settlers on this planet... Fact.
Noble Brown Bey  5/27/2013
I wonder if it might be better if there was another section for Ali, just when it is used as a feminine name, to help with the differences, mainly because they come from different roots. Then again, as a name, Ali does have a few different roots depending on what usage a person uses with it. [noted -ed]

As a feminine name, pronounced differently from the Arabic name, Ali is often used as a nickname for Alicia, Alice, and Alison.
Here, it is pronounced like the word "Alley."

Alternatively, Ali has also been a nickname for Alexander-derived names such as the masculine Alistair (and feminine Alexandria/Alexandra) and the masculine Finnish variant of Alexander, Aleksanteri.
Apparently within Finnish usage, households near a river may be Ali- ("downstream") and Yli- ("upstream"). As such, Ali may appear in Finnish surnames that are derived from the households. I am not completely sure how the Finnish name is pronounced, however.
Morgaine  12/2/2013
Related to the Hebrew name ELI, like the high-priest in the book of 1st Samuel.
Sabertooth  9/6/2014

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