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The Italian variant of "Alice" is the name "Alice", which is pronounced [aliche], where the stress is on the "i".
iva_toneva  5/29/2006
Pronounced as "Ah-lee-tse".
Karcoolka  5/24/2007
In Italy this name is used and it is pronounced ah-lee'-cheyh. [noted -ed]
meowelers  12/5/2007
Since they didn't know how to pronounce English names in Norway "back in the old days", people tended to treat them as if they were Norwegian. Thus my grandmother's aunt was named Alice, pronounced like [al-EE-së]. Sounds like a completely different name, but not bad at all!
― Anonymous User  10/1/2008
In early 20th century, Alice was pronounced a-LEE-se in Sweden. My grandmother, born in 1917, is Lilly Alice.
nilamalin  11/16/2009

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