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My name is Alix, pronounced a-LEEKS (my parents chose it as a nickname for Alexandra that would work in French or English, our 2 family languages), which I think sounds much prettier than AL-iks. I have met 2 other American Alixes who pronounce their name a-LEEKS, and maybe 10 who say it AL-iks.
ahlfb  12/10/2005
My daughter's name is Alice and we call her Alix (pronounced a-LEEKS).
anya_kiki  5/3/2008
It is pronounced ah-LEEKZ. It is a beautiful variant of Alice. But it looks nicer spelled Alixe.
Aalis Lisette Marion  11/24/2010
French pronunciation is a-LEEKS.
poisonivy  5/21/2014

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