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This is the name of Donatella Versace's daughter Allegra Beck Versace.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2005
'Allergra' is also the name of an allergy medication.
the_coolest_person  7/20/2005
Yes, Allegra has been chosen by a drug company for the name of their allergy medicine. However, it is such an elegant and beautiful name that it really doesn't matter. If I were going to have a daughter I would consider Allegra for her name. Afterall, who wouldn't want a name that means "happy".
― Anonymous User  7/26/2005
ALLergy and ALLegra both start with 'ALL' making it easy to remember the brand name. Also, by taking Allegra the allergy sufferer becomes cheerful and lively and not allergy symptom ridden. Excellent name choice for allergy meds!
ADT  6/20/2006
Allegra was also the title character of a 1990s children's show in the United States called "Allegra's Window."
JaimeLouise  1/5/2006
Allegra is also the name of one of George Balanchine's most well-known & beloved ballerinas. Allegra Kent danced with the New York City Ballet from the 1950s through the 1980s.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2006
Yeah, I don't think I could get over the allergy medicine connotation.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2008
Clara Allegra Byron (January 12, 1817 – April 20, 1822), initially named Alba, meaning "dawn," or "white," by her mother, was the illegitimate daughter of George Gordon, Lord Byron and Claire Clairmont, the stepsister of Mary Shelley.

Born in Bath, England, she initially lived with her mother and Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley, but was turned over to Byron when she was fifteen months old. She lived most of her short life with boarders chosen by Byron or in a Roman Catholic convent, where she died at age five of typhus or malaria. She was visited only intermittently by her father, who displayed inconsistent paternal interest in her.
sweetbabe  7/30/2008
Allegra Sarah Bazzett McEvedy MBE is a British chef and the cofounder of Leon restaurants. She is the daughter of the famous psychiatrist, demographer and historian, Colin McEvedy.

During a spell in the USA, facilitated by being awarded a special visa as 'an alien with extraordinary ability in the culinary arts', McEvedy worked at Rubicon in San Francisco, and ran the kitchen at Robert De Niro's famous New York restaurant Tribeca Grill.
sweetbabe  7/30/2008
Allegra Kent (August 11, 1937), an American ballet dancer.

Born in Santa Monica, Kent studied with Bronislava Nijinska and Carmelita Maracci before joining SAB. After graduating, she joined NYCB in 1953 at the age of 17, and was promoted to principal in 1957. Many roles in Balanchine's ballets were created for her, including Seven Deadly Sins, Ivesiana, and Bugaku.

Successfully making the transition into maturity, she performed in such ballets as Serenade, Agon, and Dances at a Gathering. She retired in 1981, becoming a freelance teacher; in 1997 she published an autobiography called "Once a Dancer".
sweetbabe  7/30/2008
Allegra Goodman (born 1967) is an American author based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her most recent novel, Intuition, was published in 2006. Goodman wrote and illustrated her first novel at the age of seven.
sweetbabe  7/30/2008
Allegra Coleman was a fictional celebrity invented by writer Martha Sherrill for the purposes of a hoax magazine article. Model Ali Larter portrayed the imaginary model in Sherrill's feature which appeared in Esquire (November 1996).

A parody of celebrity profiles, the article described an upcoming movie with Woody Allen, her tempestuous relationship with David Schwimmer (including a scandal involving nude photographs supposedly taken by paparazzi) and her friendship with Deepak Chopra. The hoax was revealed by Esquire editor Edward Kosner in a press release to the news wire services.

Sherrill later wrote a satirical novel on Hollywood life which featured Allegra Coleman as a prominent character. The novel, My Last Movie Star, was published by Random House in 2003.
sweetbabe  7/30/2008
I heard this name in the movie "Hitch." Allegra Cole.
Liesl  10/8/2010
Allegra Spender heads the Australian fashion design business started by her famous mother, Carla Zampatti. Carla Zampatti named her other daughter Bianca.
I like all three names - Allegra, Bianca, Carla!
― Anonymous User  1/11/2012
Allegra Huston is an American writer and editor.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2012
Allegra is the name of a character on Hannibal.
whatsinaname35  11/17/2014
Allegra was the Longfellow's daughter. He mentions her in the poem the Children's Hour :)

I named my twins Allegra Joye and Edith Collette from the poem.
RanchDressing  9/14/2017

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