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It's definitely pronounced Uh-leese, and to anyone who claims there aren't any nicknames for it my cousin's name is Alyse and we called her Lysie (Lee-see like Lacey but with ee instead of a) or Leesel (we never had to write it but it's like Liesle with more of an s sound than the z type sound Liesle usually has). I love this name I think it's adorable on a little girl without being too cutesie to work for an adult.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2015
This is my daughter's middle name. It is pronounced uh-leese.
Paiges mommy  5/11/2005
Thank you so much "Paige's mom". I am forever getting called Alice because no one takes the time to pronounce my name!
dragonnety2005  4/4/2006

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