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Amabel is one of the children in Georgette Heyer's novel, The Grand Sophy. She's a sweet little girl and when she becomes seriously ill with a fever, this serves as a major turning point in character development and plot for Sophy and Charles (the protagonists).
MiYung  6/9/2015
Dr. Amabel Swanson (pronounced "AH-mah-bel") is a character in the second installment of the "Penumbra" game series by Frictional Games.
― Anonymous User  5/14/2013
In the c.1215–30 French prose work 'The Lancelot-Grail', Amable is the name of a damsel who healed Lancelot after he drank water from a poisoned well. She fell in love with him and nearly died from love-sickness, but Lancelot, though he could not become her lover, agreed to become her champion.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2011

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