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I don't think anyone ever wanted to name their child "bitter". My intent in using this name is more along the lines of the Greek "unfading". I also like to think of it as a variant of the Latin "amare" meaning "to love" or maybe the Sanskrit "amar" for "immortal".
sstark  9/3/2005
This name is actually a Greek name and it means eternal, immortal, beloved.
froggys  10/20/2005
In my baby name book it was said to mean eternally beautiful.
tiffanijo-lynne  2/27/2006
Amara can be a male name also. In Mongolian it means peaceful. It is also, apparently, a male name in west Africa. There was a male president of the U.N. General Assembly in the 1990s whose first name was Amara.
jimotgo  4/23/2006
It is also of Greek origin.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2008
When I was given that name it was more pertaining to Celtic, meaning "Eternal". Of all the different cultures in which this name is used, I'm surprised they used the very least known meaning.
MemoriesThatKill  10/16/2008
I speak two Gaelic languages and I very, very much doubt that Amara has any Celtic origin, much less meaning 'eternal'. Sorry.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2009
I read in a book that Amara is of Greek origin and means "unfading." The book is "The Amber Room" by Steve Berry, Ballantine Books.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2008
Like some of the above posters, I, too, the most common origin I have found is for the Greek, unfading/immortal/eternal. My baby name book--not always the best source, I'm sure--states "eternally beautiful." (For the male Amar, it says "immortal" [Punjabi].)
faye  5/16/2010
The Amhara People are an ethnic group of Ethiopia, called the 'Amara' in Amharaic. They number at about 23 million, 30.1% of the country's population. Their name creates several other possible meanings of Amara; it could come from the word "amari" meaning "pleasing, agreeable, beautiful and gracious" or "mahare", meaning 'gracious' and bearing a resemblance for the verb 'to learn'. Amhara, in the Ge'ez language, is said to mean 'free people', from "ʿam" meaning 'people' and "h.ara", meaning 'free, soldier'. This suggestion, however, has been dismissed by many linguists.
keepitreal  1/6/2011
The Greek word for "unfading" is "amarantos", so it's possible that this name may be related.
ophelia_song  4/24/2011
Amara is a name that exists in different cultures. The one I am familiar with is Igbo culture where it means "Grace". It is a name that is unisex in the Igbo language, but is typically given to females. It is such a pretty name, but is often mispronounced.
Vero  10/28/2011
On another site it means: eternal beauty or eternal flower.
kjnivison  7/22/2012
I am from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria (West Africa). Amara means grace in my language. Amarachi or Amarachukwu means God's grace. It is a very popular name also in my tribe. Mostly it is a name for girls but some boys still answer that name because in my tribe (IGBO) we name the child based on circumstances, motivations or whatever inspired the parents or family most before begetting that child. Therefore, naming the child Amara, Amarachi or Amarachukwu simply means that the parents admit that the child is born by the "GRACE of God". Also, the name AMANDA, in my tribe it means "never fails" Hence CHIMAMANDA meaning My God never fails.
Sopuruchukwu Solomon  9/19/2017
For the Thai meaning I have had friends (10 years living in Thailand) and, our daughter, Amara was born here. The translation is kind of vague (and obscure) but it would appear to be a type of angel. We are deeply in love with the name even though we chose it for the Sanskrit roots (her great great grandmother was Indian).

We pronounce it "Am-a-la" (very short 'a's).
draftvader  5/18/2018

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