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Pronounced ahng-HAHR-ahd.
Rosethorn08  2/21/2006
Welsh pronunciation is simply 'Ang-HA-red' (no long A's).
― Anonymous User  7/20/2006
I am not Welsh but I watch a lot of Youtube videos (I'm super qualified to comment on this, of course) and I have also heard it pronounced ahng-HAH-rad.
mirime-veon  6/21/2015
My name is Angharad and the 'g' is not pronounced. It's silent, at least in the way my family and our friends say it. And my mother's friend is named Angharad too, and she lives in Wales, and she doesn't pronounce the 'g' either. And the 'A' at the beginning is soft, not hard.
avampire  2/8/2017

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