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This is my name, yet it also the name of my cousin and deceased grandmother so it's not very original in my family. I am Ukrainian and it is pronounced an-ya, yet spelled this way and pronounced the English way in obviously English. I do believe there is another root, Ana in Spanish?
-- SterlingNami  2/5/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Anna here:
-- _satu_  9/3/2006
In Poland we pronounce it an-na (not like in English 'ana'). This is also my name :) But this form is used only in official situations. My friends and family use pet forms like Ania or Anka.
-- asz  9/11/2006
Usually pronounced ann-uh in English, but sometimes pronounced Ah-nuh. In my experience, people who pronounce it Ah-nuh always throw a fit if you pronounce it Ann-uh. It's funny. I guess either way is ok to me.
-- thesnowwhiterose  6/17/2013
Pronounced Ahn-Nah in Norwegian, NOT Ah-Nah. Curse you Frozen, you keep saying it more like we'd say Ana.
-- Anonymous User  4/27/2015
I have a deep dislike for English speakers pronouncing this name "Ah-nə". It has two Ns in it, and double consonants are always pronounced with short, sharp vowels in English - not a long, drawn out, pompous "ahhhhhhhhh"!

Trying to pronounce it the "European" way is not going to make the name any less boring, so stop being so "Hyacinth Bucket"!
-- JJSkeete  6/2/2015

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