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Ducth pronunciation is ah-nuh-mah-REE.
X-Mar  2/18/2006
German pronunciation: AWN-nuh-mah-ree.
JHK  9/2/2006
In Denmark, it's pronounced AHN-uh-mah-ree-uh.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2006
The Dutch pronunciation for Annemarie is: ahn-nə-mah-REE. [noted -ed]

Annemarie is also used in Limburgish, and there are *two* possible ways to pronounce this name in Limburgish. The first way is exactly the same as the Dutch pronunciation that I just mentioned above. The second way resembles the way a French person would pronounce it: ahn-mah-REE.
Lucille  5/28/2010

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