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Famous bearer - Annie Lennox, singer with Eurythmics, and also solo artist.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2004
There are a Broadway musical and several movies with this name. They are based on the old comic strip, "Orphan Annie." Annie is the one who sings "Tomorrow."
breakofday  12/9/2005
Annie Hall is a famous Woody Allen film, with Diane Keaton starring as Annie.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2005
Annie Leibovitz is an American photographer, most noted for her portraits of rock&roll personalities, including many taken for Rolling Stone.
― Anonymous User  1/2/2006
The girls Annie James and Hallie Parker are the chief characters of the film "Parents' Trap" (1998).
iva_toneva  6/8/2006
Annie is the girl in the Magic Tree House book series.
blackgoodbye  8/8/2006
French singer Alizée Jacotey has a daughter Annie-Lee Chatelain born on 29th April 2005.
Maggie_Simpson  11/9/2006
Author Annie Dalton is a famous bearer.
Luangi  12/4/2006
She isn't too famous but Annie Lally is a singer.
jkrowlingfan21  8/14/2007
JamieLee Curtis' daughter's name is Annie.
macgirl  11/16/2007
This is the name of Sandra Bullock's character in the movie "Speed".
― Anonymous User  11/16/2007
The Annie Awards is the name of an American awards ceremony that honors the best in animated television and film.
Also, there is a musical play entitled "Annie Get Your Gun". It is a fictionalized account of the life of Annie Oakley. It's been produced a number of times on Broadway and the West End beginning in 1946. It was also turned into a 1950 film version with Betty Hutton in the title role.
AndrewJKD  3/10/2008
Annie Lind is one of the characters in the Blog On series by Nancy Rue.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2008
Annie Le was a graduate student at the Yale School of Medicine's Department of Pharmacology; she was murdered on campus on September 8, 2009. A lab technician was later charged with her murder.
― Anonymous User  9/20/2009
Annie Proulx is an American journalist and author.
bathos  4/23/2010
Annie is a character in Suzanne Collin's book "Mockingjay" (third book of the Hunger Games trilogy). She is portrayed as Finnick's love interest.
C-Ticket  11/27/2011
Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) is the main character in USA Network's Covert Affairs.
Lady_Skywalker  12/18/2011
Swedish singer Annie (born Anne Lilia Berge Strand).
Musicboy1017  9/19/2012
The main character in Bridesmaids is named Annie!
― Anonymous User  3/25/2013
A character in the animated TV series Little Einsteins.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2014
"Annie On My Mind" is an 1982 novel by Nancy Garden about two teenage girls who fall in love. It's considered to be a classic of LGBT young adult literature.
Marauder  9/2/2014
Annie Grace LeBlanc is a famous YouTuber on Bratayley! Her real name is Julianna though, so Annie can also be a nickname for Julianna I'm guessing.:)
phan-cookiez  11/26/2015
Annie Girardot was a three-time César Award winning French actress. She often played strong-willed, independent, hard-working, and often lonely women, imbuing her characters with an earthiness and reality that endeared her to women undergoing similar daily struggles.
cutenose  1/12/2017
Anne Marie Cancelmi, known professionally as Annie Parisse, is an American actress. She portrayed Alexandra Borgia on the drama series Law & Order. Parisse has also starred as Julia Snyder on the soap opera As the World Turns, for which she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award, and as FBI specialist Debra Parker on the thriller series The Following.
cutenose  3/2/2017
Annie Chen is a Taiwanese model, actress, and endorser. She was the first person to win at the The First Kaiwo "Phantasy Star" CatwalkGirl modelling contest in 2007. A year later, she made her acting debut in Prince + Princess 2, playing the lead role Zhao Ke Rou.
lilolaf  6/10/2017

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