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From the ancient Greek name Anthonios, king of Achaia.
Damis  3/3/2005
To my knowlegde, Anthony is rightly classified as an Etruscan name - its origin can be traced to a god called Ani-Dune, who has the same function as the Roman god Janus and is depicted with two faces, one looking forward and one backwards. I found translations like "the godly" and "the priceless".
joachim  4/16/2006
Anthony means "Priceless".
― Anonymous User  1/25/2008
Means priceless.
― Anonymous User  9/16/2008
To all the people saying it means "priceless," why would such an ancient word have such a modern meaning? It's absurd.
― Anonymous User  11/6/2008
I have seen elsewhere that this name could mean 'praiseworthy'.
jedi_skye  11/10/2008
Anton was the son of the mythic hero Hercules, and his sons where Antonioi (plural of Antonios). Greek historian Plutarch (AD 46-120) wrote a book on "the life of Antonios" the grandson of Hercules. The name is referenced there many times and the story is placed before the classical era, hence it can be safely presumed that Antonios (later Anthony) is indeed a Greek name. The "h" found after "t" in Anthony denotes the translation from the Greek name which uses an "omega" rather than an "omicron". Translation of "omega" adds the "h" to create the heavier accent of "omega" as opposed to "omikron" even though both vowels are pronounced "oh".
spxak1  5/19/2009
I just notice you list Anthony as a Roman name, starting with Anthony and Cleopatra. Anthony (as its "th" shows) is of Greek origin.

Anthon was the son of Hercules, and all his sons made up the clan of Antonides (part of Heraclides). Each descendant of this clan was called Anthonios (son of Anthon).

Plutarch mentions this in his "Life of Anthonios" chapter 4, section 2.
otheos  9/8/2009
English name meaning "Beyond Praise".
― Anonymous User  8/6/2011
The origin of the name Anthony is Ephraim which is Hebrew for Antony (no H in the Greek alphabet), son of Joseph, the patriarch, and Asenath born in Egypt in the third generation; Grandson of Jacob, who is Israel, son of Isaac, who pronounced Ephraim, now Anthony, the birth-right leader of the orthodox twelve-tribes in Genesis chapter 48 according to Moses of the fourth generation, author of the first four books and Apocrypha, contained in the only book of life authorized by all twelve tribes individually and Antonius (typeset only) from which I scribe. Anthony also means doubly-fruitful and General in English. Ephraim was, and Anthony is, one of the four holy fathers (later Four Holy Marshalls of Rhineland) with whom God consulted in Apocrypha. Anthony is also the eponym for Antiquity.
AnthonyHerzog  5/30/2016

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