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I believe this name is pronounced either EE-vuh or EE-fa.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2007
Aoibhe and Aoife are NOT the same name. They are pronounced differently here in Ireland. Aoibhe is pronounced AV-VE while Aoife is Pronounced EE-FA.
Becky123  12/3/2008
I live in Ireland and would say it Ee-va. Just like the name Eva.
Never ever heard it said Av-va or whatever that other Irish person said but then again it could be a different dialect. Names like Aoife and Aoibheann all start with an EE sound as do all the words that start with Aoi in the Irish language itself which I speak fluently.
I quite like Aoibhe.
MeganBridget  7/4/2010
LMS  5/16/2016

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