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I'm not quite sure what Seraphine was talking about, but this name is pronounced Ah-rah-seh-lee, not with a 'ch' sound. Well, at least that's the Spanish pronunciation of it.
wichita_falconer  7/26/2008
I meant that, if the name comes from Latin (the quite-dead language, not the Latin Americas), I'd give it its Latin pronunciation, which would mean pronouncing the third syllable with a "ch" sound (not as in the hard K sound but as in the word "cheese"). That is what ruins the name for me. But I'm okay with the coexistence of other pronunciations. The Spanish one sounds more graceful, definitely - no jarring "ch" sound in there to mar the effect.
seraphine_eternal  10/15/2010
In Italy, it is pronounced Ah-ra-CHEE-li.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2008
I believe that the name can also be pronounced "ayr-a-chel-ee" or "ah-ra-chel-ee". It is the name of a character in Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' Kiesha'ra series.
websurfer  5/28/2006
I believe ah-rah-CHEL-ee would be the Italian pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2007

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