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This is the 2nd name of the amazing lotion, Elizabeth Arden.
czechcrazy  9/23/2006
Name of a female character in Robert McCammon's modern southern-gothic-style novel "Gone South".
VictoriaCalledTori  5/22/2007
Arden is the name of a not so nice suburb of Glasgow where I live, hence I haven't heard of any Ardens round here! Although they have taken to pronouncing it Ar-DEN as in the Belgian town, perhaps to make the place sound more continental!
reniannen17  6/6/2007
Arden Lowe is a character in the V. C. Andrews novel, My Sweet Audrina.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2007
Shakespeare’s mother was Mary Arden (named after the Forest of Arden in England). The Forest of Arden was mentioned in Shakespeare's play 'As You Like It'.

Elizabeth Arden was the founder of a cosmetics company. She was born Florence Nightingale Graham.
earthnut  7/12/2008
Arden is also the name of an important female character in James Ellroy's "The Cold Six Thousand".

Also I must say I can't picture this name for a boy, Arden sounds female to me. But that could be because I first heard it in the book.
sebb  7/18/2008
Arden is the surname of the children Edred and Elfrida in E. Nesbit's time-travelling novel "The House of Arden".

The surname is suitably ancient and is locational, coming from three different places and two possible meanings.

The place in the North Riding of Yorkshire is from the Old English, meaning "eagle valley".

It can also be from a place in Cheshire or the Forest of Arden in Warwickshire. These appear to be linguistically identical to the Ardennes in France and Belgium, from the Celtic for "high".

The noble Arden family can trace their ancestry back to the year 1000.
keepitreal  1/21/2011
"Arden" is also the name of a forest in England. William Shakespeare used it as a backdrop for one of his books 'As You Like It". It was a mystical, magical, and romantic place. Arden was also the maiden name of Shakespeare's mother Mary.
Arden2210  10/6/2011
Arden Rose is a beauty guru on Youtube. :) The name always makes me think of her (along with Elizabeth Arden).
ALOF10  5/22/2013
Although not a real person, nor particularly famous, Arden is a spunky, rule-breaking girl in Anna Carey's novel Eve. She is an… influential character, escaping with Eve and attempting to travel to Califia with her.
― Anonymous User  8/13/2013
Arden is the name of a 6 year old genius who is a frequent guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
― Anonymous User  5/31/2014
There's an actress of Teen Wolf series. Her name is Arden Cho.
aprincessformaxon  7/4/2015
Jann Arden is a Canadian singer-songwriter.
Purrsian  1/22/2017
Arden Cho is an American actress, singer and model, best known for her role as Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf. She starred in the 2011 feature Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. As a model she worked mostly in Asia while she released an EP called My True Happy in 2013.
lilolaf  2/10/2017
Eve Arden was a famous American actress.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2017

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