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Although it is traditionally said that this name is derived from Latin aula "palace", it is most likely of unknown Etruscan origin. [noted -ed]
Lucille  11/2/2007
Aulus is an ancient Roman praenomen most likely derived from the Latin word "avulus", meaning "little grandfather". (ref. George Davis Chase, "The Origin of the Roman Praenomina".)
[noted -ed]
Nanaea  6/21/2008
According to this book, Aulus is clearly an Etruscan name in origin:

"The Latin Dialect of the Ager Faliscus: 150 Years of Scholarship" by G.C.L.M. Bakkum. See pages 254 and 255.

According to this book, Aulus is the latinized form of the Etruscan male personal name Aule:

"Mediterranean Studies: IV. Etruscan, V. Venetic" by George Hempl. See page 285.

The Wikipedia article for the praenomen Aulus states that Aule or Aules (also spelled Avle, Aveles, etc.) is the Etruscan cognate of Aulus.


This book says that the name (or variant form) Aules is a compromise between Etruscan Aule and Latin Aulus:

"Latin Literature: A History" by Gian Biagio Conte. See page 468.

If you look further, you'll find more instances where Aulus is said to be a latinized form of the Etruscan male name Aule, which is said to have been very popular among the Etruscan people. Since Aulus *can* clearly be a latinized form of Aule, I believe that this information should be included in the database entry for Aulus - in addition to the explanations that are already featured. [noted -ed]
Lucille  10/16/2012

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