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I think this may mean "sound", because the Farsi word for water is a:b, pronounced like the first two letters of obnoxious or obtrusive or some other "ob" word. Anyway, thought you'd like to know that.
bfmchoul  9/19/2006
I'm not sure where BtN got the meaning for this. Ava is neither sound nor water in Persian. 'ob' is water and 'seh-dah' is sound, according to my mom who speaks fluent Persian.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2007
BtN is right on the origin of the name. It is Persian and means "voice, sound, or the call". The word 'Se-da' is the Arabic word for "sound" which, like many other Arabic words, has been borrowed into Persian. The actual Persian word for "sound" is, in fact, 'Ava'. And a more common Persian word for "voice" is 'neda' (also another Persian name).
kianoushh  7/7/2010
Derives from ancient Greek: αβα which means : big voice, clamor,
georgev1112  12/10/2012
I live in Iran. In Persian, Ava means harmonic sounds, nice sounds. For example sounds of nature, river, jungle, mountains... or sounds of music. Ava is a name for girls that was in rank 19 in Iran (2014). It is a new name that parents take for their children recently in Iran.
rezaalef  5/3/2015

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