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A famous bearer of this name is singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne.
IndyBelle  4/24/2005
Hi, I got this in a dictionary:
"In Unreal Tournament 2004, AVRiL is an acronym for Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher. The small "i" is added for easier pronunciation."
yuan  10/14/2007
In the 1960s there was a South African man called Avril Malan. He pronounced it AH-vRil, and since he was the Springbok rugby captain and a very tough guy indeed, he clearly had no problems as a result of his name. There have been other male Avrils, but he's the most prominent by far.
Anneza  6/26/2008
Avril Angers, British comedienne and actress.
Kosta  9/28/2009
Avril Incandenza is a character in David Foster Wallace's book Infinite Jest.
eostre  10/13/2009
Avril Bradley is a character in the Japanese light novel series, Gosick.
ccourtneyw  10/11/2011

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