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Aya is a female name with multiple meanings in different languages. Aya (あや, アヤ) is a common female Japanese given name. Meaning "Design" "Art" or "Beautiful" Aya is also an Arabic female name written as آية meaning "sign", "miracle", or "verse." A'ya is also in use in the Hebrew language and means "to fly swiftly." or "Bird"
In Old German, Aya means sword
There are several alternative spellings including Ayah and Aiya.
There is also an African Adinkra symbol called an Aya which is a fern, it is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness.
In the Raute language of Nepal, Aya refers to one's sister-in-law, meaning the wife of one's elder or younger brother. The word's origin comes from Proto-Tibeto-Burman ’ay (alternate form yay) meaning mother.
kidney136  10/26/2013
Also a Hebrew name meaning 'bird'.
gabbygrace1915  12/3/2011
Aya is not strictly a Japanese name. It's also a Hebrew name, albeit an uncommon one. My name is Aya, not a nickname for anything, and I am neither Japanese nor Jewish.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2011
Extremely common name in Japan among the under 30 crowd (older crowd has its share of women named Ayako).

There are MANY kanji possibilities for this name. Here are just a few:
worship (this kanji can also be pronounced Takashi if it's for a boy)
writings (this is a relatively simple character)
intricately woven threads (extremely detailed)
has allusions to the concept of relationships as well - this is the character for Aya in famous authour Ayako Miura's name. Shiokari Pass and a few of her other books are actually translated into English. She died just a few years ago, but was a very famous authour in Japan and wrote many books and poems. She was from Hokkaido and had struggled with TB. I have read the English translation of her biography (as well as a couple of her other books) and it is very good.
abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
Aya is also a Swedish pet form of the name Marie - spelt Aja but pronounced Aya. It also comes from a northern part of Spain, Catalonia. It is also Hebrew meaning "little bird" and is Arabic meaning "miracle".
ayasophia  2/7/2005

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