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As I'm Brazilian, my name is spelled "Camile", with only one L. Camila is much more common. Here, it is pronounced either /kuh-mee-leh/ ou /kuh-mee-lee/. The French pronunciation is my favourite. Most of my doubts about the anglophone pronunciation are solved now, except one. If I am in an anglophone country and someone asks for my name and I say /kuh-meeye/ (french), will people understand? Will I have any problem?
cbrison  10/31/2016
My daughter is named Camille. I am from Québec but live in the US. We pronounce her name "ca-meeye". We correct people all the time. Why wouldn't we? If people can pronounce ratatouille, coquille, faille, Bastille, and if they know any French, famille, etc. They can manage it. They can say tortilla which is the same structure. Americans learn all sorts of names with no apparent difficulty- Schwarzenegger, Beyoncé, Ralph Fiennes, Bujold, Versace and Chevalier. Americans don't expect to be called something else when they move, why should anyone else? A name is a name, pronounced so you will respond when you hear it.
Be2be  4/2/2016
I've only heard this name said as Kuh-mill.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2016
Actually, the French pronunciation isn't "Kah-MEE", but something more like "Ka-MEEYE". I don't really know how to translate it in english, it seems you don't have this sound.
Anyway, I'm french, and it's a pretty common name there, mostly female. One of my friend is called Camille, and she's a really outgoing girl.
Edweis  11/21/2015
My name is Camille. I am French and I live in France. I can assurre you that both male and female Camille have the same prononciation
It would be for you Ka Mee y.. this sound does not exist in English..
It is very popular for young girls at the moment.
Camomille  4/11/2014
In English-speaking countries where it has been adapted, it is pronounced ka-MEEL not the French-speaking ka-MEE.
scholasticastewart  1/14/2008
I know someone named Camille who pronounces it ka-MEE. I don't really like this name, it sounds too delicate.
drag0n_freak  12/25/2007
I've known two Camilles who both pronounce it Cah-MEEL, since they are American. I think it is a beautiful name that sounds adorable on a little girl and perfect on an adult as well. Maybe it's just because I've grown up with a Camille (litteraly, we've known each other since she was born) but, to me, a girl named Camille is very happy, smart, understanding and all around fun.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2007
I'm quite sure that in English-speaking counties, this name is pronounced cuh-meal, which I think is lovely.
tmarie  12/16/2005
Everyone above is both right and wrong. In France, Camille is pronounced "Cah-mee", but only in the feminine. The male is pronounced "Cah-meel". This is per my friend who was born and raised in France.
kathylapan  11/19/2005
Kah-MEE is the French pronunciation of the name. Camille is a popular name in France.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2005
Camille is only pronounced "ka-MEEL" in English speaking countries. It's correct pronunciation is "Kah-MEE".
cam-ee  3/23/2005
It is prononced kah-mee. [noted -ed]
Miss Claire  1/9/2005

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