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In classical Latin, the C is always hard; additionally, the long e is an "ay" sound, as in "say". Therefore, since the last e is long, Ceres should be pronounced - if you want to be a purist about it - "ker-ays."
luminaviridantes  6/7/2010
In Latin, this name would have been pronounced as [ke'res], but in English it is rendered as [si:ris] due to a pronunciation shift that occured with the letter "c".

In late Latin times, however, this name may have been pronounced as [tʃe'res].
Bastien Rosier  3/13/2008
Ceres is pronounced SAIR-iss. SAIR pronounced like HAIR and ISS pronounced like HISS. It's a beautiful name!
― Anonymous User  10/26/2007
According to my mythology teacher, Ceres is pronounced like the English word "series." It's beautiful, and I think it would be a great name for a little girl.
JaimeLouise  10/20/2005

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