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The Italian pronunciation:


"C" equals a hard "K," in this case. Roll your "R." "O" as in "Coke Cola," or otherwise "Oh." The next "C" creates "Che," as it is followed immediately after by an "E." "E" is spoken as "Eh," in other respects, "Aye." Both "T"s are pronounced, remember. Which means, it would be "Cheyt-Tah," keep an eye on the two "T"s I placed in the voicing. It is most easily accomplished by placing extra emphasis on the letter before, in occurrence, "E." Carry out a lingering "E" through the "T"s. "A" is as usual, "Father."
Now, add your most dramatic and spectacular Italian accent-- voilà. [noted -ed]
Francesca  12/23/2010

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