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It can also be pronounced DAH-Lia. That's how I pronounce it. It's so lovely.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2006
In the English TV series "Jeeves & Wooster", Aunt Dahlia's name is pronounced "DAY-lee-ə".
Kate  9/19/2011
Yup, DAY lee a is the usual British English pronunciation for the flower, and presumably the name when used here. (No idea why!)
Pie  5/11/2012
This beautiful name can also be pronounced /ˈdälyə/ (i.e. "doll-ya") as per the Oxford US dictionary. This is the pronunciation I usually hear in Northeastern United States, and I think it makes the most sense given the etymology of the word: Anders Dahl's last name is pronounced /däl/ (i.e. "doll"), after all!
SearchingForSelf  2/8/2016

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