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Daisy is a derivative of the name Margaret. The French flower marguerite is known in English speaking countries as the Daisy. Margaret of Anjou (1429 - 1482) wife of England's King Henry VI, used the Daisy as her personal emblem.
cathyl2  9/15/2009
Daisy is Old English and means the eye of the day or Vision. People who have this name tend to be able to see prophetically. In the Bible it says: "My people persih without vision."
justanotherdaisy  7/31/2005
Daisy is also used as a nickname of Margaret or Marguerite, because the French word for the daisy flower is "marguerite".
Randee15  2/12/2005
The name has been used as a pet form of Candace, though as the pronunciation "can-DAY-see" has become old-fashioned, the association with it is much weakened.
Kosta  2/10/2005

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