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Danae was the daughter of Eurydice and Acrisius and was imprisoned by her father in a bronze chamber.
wiswina  5/27/2005
Danae was locked up underground by her father Acrisius, king of Argos, because the oracle at Delphi predicted that he would be killed by his grandson. Danae became pregnant by Zeus (or by Acrisius' twin Proteus?) and gave birth to Perseus. Acrisius put Danae and her baby in a chest and cast them out to sea where they drifted to the island of Serifos. Years later, at some games, the wind blew a discus out of Perseus' hands and it hit Acrisius on the head killing him. The prophecy came true although it was an accident!

Here in Greece Danae celebrates her nameday on the Sunday of the holy forefathers which was yesterday - 11 December, 2005. My daughter, Danae, had a little party yesterday and has gone off to school today with sweets for her classmates!
koslin  12/12/2005

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