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Someone said above that they thought that Danielle ment Faith and Kindness and now they think it means bold, strong and funny. Well I hate to burst your bubble but it actually means "God is My Judge" and I don't think that a personality can be reflected in a name or meaning. Danielle can be pronounced Dan ee yell OR Dan yell but the former is often spelt with two 'N' s. :) That's all I know, hope it helps someone.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2005
As Danielle originates from Daniel, it means in Hebrew 'God is my Judge'. Daniel was a prophet in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible who was given interpretations of dreams by God and prophesied many things about the end of the world. He was a very wise man and also had encounters with angels. This can all be read in the book of Daniel, Old Testament. Both Daniel and Danielle mean, in spiritual terms 'one who sits in the courts of the Lord'.
Danielle-lovedbyGod  2/26/2009

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