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Famous author Samuel Dashiell Hammett published under his much better-known middle name. Also, Pixar's "The Incredibles" featured speedy young superhero Dashiell "Dash" Parr.
RedFox742  1/26/2006
Cate Blanchet's eldest son is named Dashiell.
poetic_freedom  2/25/2006
Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters has a son named Dashiell, but I think he spells it "Daschiel".
― Anonymous User  2/18/2008
Dashiell is Dash's first name in the Incredibles.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2008
Dashiell Hammett was an American novelist.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2011
American film producer Harvey Weinstein and his wife welcomed a son named Dashiell Max Robert Weinstein on April 11, 2013 in New York City.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2013

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