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Means "of the devil" in Greek.
kelley  6/27/2005
How would it mean "of the devil"? "Ill-fated" seems suitable for the Shakespeare character.
Mona or Dessi could be nice nicknames.
― Anonymous User  1/10/2007
It is unlikely that it is Greek for "of the devil" as Greek theology has no devil - it has a lord of the underworld which, unlike the Christian connection to hell or a place for evildoers after death, the underworld is the place where all souls go after death, good and bad. Therefore the Greeks are unlikely to have a word in connection a Christian spiritual figure.
VictoriaCalledTori  8/1/2007
This does not mean "of the devil" in Greek. του διαβόλου would be "of the devil," transliterated: tou diabolou. "Of the demon" would be tou daimona (του δαίμονα). Damon is closer. However, I am not entirely certain of the standard meaning of the name, either. In koine Greek, ill-fated would be "kakotuchos" (κακότυχος). In Latin, it would be "calamitosa."
Bakkerkid  5/8/2015

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